Never say “Never”

 The one thing I always said at school was that I was NEVER NEVER going to be a teacher!  I didn’t know what my career plans were, mind you, but I was certain about that.  I really did end up in the profession by accident – but here I am, twenty years on, and (mostly) loving it.

Well this is a good time to start a blog – we’ve just finished the first half term so there’s a chance to draw breath. This is always a busy time of year for everyone, with a new timetable, sometimes new schemes of work and new classes to get to grips with  (why am I still bad at remembering names?) so this half term’s particularly appreciated.

It’s a particularly busy one for me as I am involved in helping our sixth-formers with their university applications – discussing the pros and cons of different courses, different universities and reading endless personal statements where the kids do their best to convey their passion for Medicine or Marketing, Mathematics or Music.  We’ve even got one this year who is considering an OU degree – I will be interested to see if that’s a growing trend with university fees being as they are these days.

So – a rest from school now, though enlivened with emails from kids to discuss BMAT essays (that’s the “Biomedical Admissions Test” for prospective medical students – they’re sitting it after half term and getting a bit stressed). Oh, and I’d better get that outstanding pile of A-level marking done too, I suppose!

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2 Responses to Never say “Never”

  1. Jesse says:

    I know I’m commenting backwards here (I found your blog from the OU and just continued reading and didn’t stop lol)

    I have to say I love your blog – I’ve found it fascinating to see the changes in education over the last six months or so and your opinions to them and will continue to look forward to your future posts – your blog is now in my google reader 🙂

    It’s funny how things change – I never considered being a teacher when I was at school, yet pretending to teach a class is how I revise for everything – I even went as far as buying a dry wipe white board at GCSE – and used it until it wouldn’t clean up properly again – oops!

    I never considered teaching until someone at uni mentioned it was what they wanted to do (this was about four years ago) and it kind of ignited a spark which I haven’t been able to put out since. I know I’d never do it – my confidence and awkwardness around people would ensure that lol (and admire every teacher the more and more I read about the profession) but I know I’ll never stop reading more about it!

    Anyhoo – sorry about the long comment and great blog 😀

    • teacherposts says:

      Thanks for your very kind comments Jesse – and glad you’re enjoying the blog.
      Given the post you’re commenting on, you’ll know I’m going to reply “never say never” to you, don’t you! I don’t think “performing” in the classroom is necessarily the same as confidence on an everyday basis – I know quite a few people who are very different in the two environments. So if you fancy the idea – why not dip your toe in the water by trying doing some private tuition or similar?

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