Teaching? Is there time for that at school?

School seems to have been ridiculously busy since coming back after half term and this week’s been particularly manic. A lot of our Upper Sixth have had Medical School interviews, so mock interviews have been the order of the day – you can pack three in a lunchtime, provided you eliminate pointless extras like eating your lunch.  On Monday we also did them at morning break and in two free periods…    I fear it brings out the worst in me though – there’s an obligation to be (a) scary and (b) nitpicking, but I guess you’re not really meant to enjoy it!

Tuesday brings a Level 2 Project Presentation. The Projects (which you can do at GCSE or A-level standard) are one recent educational development I’m really enthusiastic about – kids choose their own topic, research it themselves, keep a log of what they do and present the final thing orally as well as in writing. It can be about almost anything – we’ve had ones involving sculpture, producing Manga and designing websites, as well as the more obvious “academic” ones. Today’s was from a Year 11 pupil who had been looking at mathematics I last saw in my degree more than 20 years ago… she managed to explain it to a varied audience as well. Inspirational!

Then a Parents Evening on Tuesday after school. You’d think after all these years I’d not get remotely nervy about such things – but I do for some reason. Then, as almost always, the parents were lovely. It’s particularly nice seeing the ones whose kids I’ve taught for several years now. There are some kids I’ll hqve taught for 7 years when they finish!

Wednesday I was out on a course, getting updated on the proposed alterations to university admissions procedure and the implications of all the changes the government have imposed.  As often, although the speakers were very good, I picked up as much from talking to colleagues.

Thursday – well actually I got to just teach! Well, nearly… there was one mock interview. And a meeting. And I saw one of last year’s pupils who isn’t happy with what she’s doing now and was looking for advice.

Friday – interviewing (a job applicant, not a sixth former) in the morning, working with kids on the school’s Comenius project at lunchtime, and this evening (in an hour or so) we have our Awards Evening, where we present certificates/prizes to last year’s leavers. It’s always a pleasant occasion when I get there, and it’s great to see them all back, but right now I’d rather go to the pub…

Updated now I’ve got back. It was really lovely to see them all – amazing how grown-up a lot of them seem now. Actually, it was better than going to the pub. A lot better.

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  1. I’ve been there. Frustrating.

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