Start of term

We went back to school on 4th January (cue for feeling resentful/jealous towards all those not back until 9th – no matter that they worked longer before Christmas!)

Didn’t sleep well the night before. Why does that always happen, I wonder? It’s not like I’m nervous, and I do enjoy my job – but there always seems to be a bit of adrenalin running around.

There’s all the latest news to catch up with on the first day – from Year 7s telling me what they had for Christmas to Upper Sixth’s latest university offers or rejections. My sixth form classes have their minds on the top priority – organising a cake rota! (I sometimes think our school will turn into a giant cake one day, so central is cake in its life. Despite that, we have very few overweight pupils, though not sure I can say the same for the staff!).

For some reason, I can never get down to “proper” work in my free time on the first day – seem to manage to faff around, chat to people and spend time tidying up my office (which admittedly is sorely in need of it). There are a few things to sort for the January modular exams next week, and since our Lower Sixth have tests as soon as they come back, there’s marking too – but they get deferred, in favour of putting my books in order!

Quite a few other things to do this week – going through paperwork for Projects, doing some last-minute checking of practice papers before modules and preparation for a committee meeting with governors. All gets done, somehow, but Thursday was quite a late night.

Then school Open Morning on Saturday. Another one of those things that I really don’t look forward to, but I actually quite enjoy at the time – although when I get back on Monday I’ll feel I haven’t been away.

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