That man again!

Just when you think it’s gone calm – along comes our beloved head of OFSTED with another inflammatory remark. His latest constructive comment is “teachers don’t know what stress is”.

Now I am not one of those people who claims that teaching is a uniquely stressful job  – plenty of people have stress in their jobs. And personally speaking, I am very lucky in that I work with generally very well-behaved kids, and exceptionally supportive colleagues, so as teachers go, I am pretty un-stressed.

Despite this, that idiot still manages to make me want to thump him. Why on earth make such a pronouncement?  If he wants to say it to his friends (assuming he has some), then fair enough.  But what on earth does saying it publicly achieve? Does he think he will make teachers more hard-working, more motivated or better by implying that they’re a load of whingers and have it easy?  Being hostile and confrontational is no way to encourage people to change – you just generate hostility in return.

If I were a teacher in a challenging school, with poorly behaved pupils, a lack of resources and a huge pressure to work miracles with results in no time at all – then I wouldn’t be thinking “Oh, Sir Michael thinks I have it easy, so I better work even harder”. I’d be thinking… well, I’m not going to write here what I’d be thinking, because I’m keeping the language clean here!

And do you think we’ll have all these “top-class” graduates the government are so keen on lining up, due to teaching being so well-paid and stress-free?  No, me neither.

I think Sir Michael needs to attend some Personal and Social Education lessons. Oh, and perhaps work on his Leadership Skills too. Then he might start having the smallest clue about how to motivate people.

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