End of the year

Huge sigh of relief from everyone -term’s ended! (apologies to those still at school…)
Although it’s been a short half-term, it’s been packed solid with activities, trips and fun tasks like end-of-year reports (and of course I’ve had the added pleasure of exam admin, timetable and UCAS prep).

This week we’ve had the Syndicate Play. This is put on by the U6 after they finish their exams – so about 2 weeks from first starting work to performance. They do absolutely everything themselves – lighting, costumes, tickets, publicity, stage management, as well as music, acting and directing. Sounds like it’s an impossible task, but it almost invariably results in a stunningly good performance, and this year was no exception. The last few years have all been musicals – Footloose this year, Grease last year, and before that Guys & Dolls and Rent. It was fantastic to see how talented the girls and boys are, and how much fun they had working together to produce the show – a lovely way to end your time at school.

Another annual event was the school charity fete – inside, alas, due to the weather. An occasion for eating too much (Parents Association barbecue, delicious Indian food, cream teas….) and having a go at the coconut shy and similar. etc. Why do I seem to get worse at welly wanging each year?

We also had Reading Morning. All the forms from year 7 to year 10 are supervised all morning reading books of their choice, and during this, the form teacher takes them out one at a time to read and discuss their report for the year. The report reading is great – it’s so much better than what I remember from school -going home with that sealed envelope at the end of term, trying to read your parents’ expressions as they looked at it… The reading a book all morning is also an excellent idea, and I’d like all kids to do it more often. But if you are supervising a class for the second half of the morning, they can get a bit restless! I was fortunate to be supervising my lovely year 7 for the first half – they were quiet as mice and read avidly.

Final assembly is always quite an occasion – a celebration of the year with sports colours, awards for everything from art sketchbooks to physics challenge and presentations to sixth formers who’ve been nominated by their peers for service to the school. We always finish by singing Jerusalem, which is when leaving sixth formers invariably break down in tears. You’d think after all these years another lot going wouldn’t affect me – but it does! They’ve been a great year group, there are some lovely kids in there, and I’ll really miss them.

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