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Is education broken?

Looking at the headlines, it seems so. For a start, we have pupils in a complete mess in reaction to exam stress: Then we have a crisis in teacher retention: I saw somewhere a suggestion that paying teachers … Continue reading

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New style GCSE grades

I seem to have become our school’s “expert” (those inverted commas are most definitely needed) on the new-style GCSE grading (9 – 1 rather than A*-G) and what it will mean. I’ve now addressed parents of three different year groups, … Continue reading

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The Guardian’s secret teacher

Just had to post this link to an excellent blog in The Guardian’s Secret Teacher:- Despite being a lifelong Guardian reader, I don’t always agree with them on education (Simon Jenkins’ diabolical post on Higher Education recently being a … Continue reading

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Someone in a social media group I’m in (no, not one for teachers or even remotely connected to education) recently posted her horror and outrage that her daughter’s primary school teacher was unfamiliar with one of the irregular English plurals. … Continue reading

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No, not WASPS the acronym, the actual stripy buzzing stinging things. Yes this is relevant to education – well, to the part of my role that’s about running external exams, anyway. Last summer we had a swarm of wasps appear … Continue reading

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Whose results are they anyway?

I’m sure many people have seen the news story about a school jettisoning pupils after the first half of their sixth form studies, and been properly horrified. I’d hope we’d all agree that getting rid of pupils who’ve behaved appropriately, … Continue reading

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How’s this for bonkers?

The fact we’re coming up to A-level results soon set me browsing for educational news, and I found this gem: I am thoroughly relieved to see that this guy’s university have told him in no uncertain terms that his … Continue reading

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