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No, not WASPS the acronym, the actual stripy buzzing stinging things. Yes this is relevant to education – well, to the part of my role that’s about running external exams, anyway. Last summer we had a swarm of wasps appear … Continue reading

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Whose results are they anyway?

I’m sure many people have seen the news story about a school jettisoning pupils after the first half of their sixth form studies, and been properly horrified. I’d hope we’d all agree that getting rid of pupils who’ve behaved appropriately, … Continue reading

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SATs and all that

Just read that the NUT conference supported the suggestion of a boycott on SATs in primary schools. I am, of course, glad to see teachers making a stand on an educational matter, and prioritising pupils’ welfare.  I certainly agree with … Continue reading

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A-levels, choice and market forces

There’s been discussion in the news of AQA’s decision to scrap A-level Art History. Inevitably, this brings out all sorts of comments concerning philistinism/ class issues/ your choice of pet hate.  There are even some who wilfully misinterpret the reasons … Continue reading

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Approaching results day…

It’s always the sign that the end (of the holidays) is nigh – A-level results day this Thursday. As exams officer, I’ll be doing quite a bit about this tomorrow. I have to download the results from the exam boards … Continue reading

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A rant on exams

This is undoubtedly a sign I am now a permanent resident of Grumpy Old Woman land, rather than just a frequent visitor – but I am fed up with people moaning about exams. Not only do I hear these complaints … Continue reading

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In the news…

Half term has given me a chance to do a bit of catching up with what’s going on in the wider educational world. The first one to catch my eye was the news that students at my alma mater  have launched … Continue reading

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