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“More maths teachers”

Although obviously the sheer horror of Betsy DeVos’s appointment in the US inevitably trumps anything home grown, I couldn’t help finding myself seriously incensed by this article:- He wants the most selective maths degree courses to become less selective. … Continue reading

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Are good teachers born or made?

This post was inspired by one of the same name on the E-teach blog .  Their article is actually about teacher training and its importance (and well worth reading); however I’m going to focus on the question asked. As with many such … Continue reading

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Qualifications again

I see the Telegraph is running a scare story about a “failing school” (actually, it’s not…) advertising for a teacher with “just four GCSEs”, and saying “a maths degree is desirable, but not essential”.  Naturally, the Telegraph being the Telegraph, … Continue reading

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Why do we teach?

I was in a teaching-related discussion the other day (for a change!) in which one (non-teaching) person implied that teachers could broadly be divided into the “dedicated” teachers who are passionate about the job and would do it in almost … Continue reading

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Rewarding the best teachers?

Have just been reading the government’s latest ideas on pay reform – the basic idea is to make rises dependent on performance,  and free things up so that schools can pay more to attract teachers. It does sound attractive … Continue reading

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That man again!

Just when you think it’s gone calm – along comes our beloved head of OFSTED with another inflammatory remark. His latest constructive comment is “teachers don’t know what stress is”. Now I am not one of those people who claims … Continue reading

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Numeracy skills and Carol Vorderman

Our government seems to believe that Carol Vorderman’s  experience as a Countdown presenter means she knows what’s wrong with maths in this country, and what to do about it. It always makes me laugh when I see articles like this … Continue reading

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