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Whose results are they anyway?

I’m sure many people have seen the news story about a school jettisoning pupils after the first half of their sixth form studies, and been properly horrified. I’d hope we’d all agree that getting rid of pupils who’ve behaved appropriately, … Continue reading

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How’s this for bonkers?

The fact we’re coming up to A-level results soon set me browsing for educational news, and I found this gem: I am thoroughly relieved to see that this guy’s university have told him in no uncertain terms that his … Continue reading

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We gotta get out of this place

I see the Independent is reporting “staggeringly high” numbers of teachers wanting to quit. As ever, the blame is put on workload. Personally, I don’t think it’s as simple as that (though obviously having no time to see your friends … Continue reading

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“More maths teachers”

Although obviously the sheer horror of Betsy DeVos’s appointment in the US inevitably trumps anything home grown, I couldn’t help finding myself seriously incensed by this article:- He wants the most selective maths degree courses to become less selective. … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas

Another term nearly over. The school year is full of fixed annual rituals. For us, the last week of the autumn term brings the ¬†girls’ highlight of the year, the so-called Karaoke, which in fact is a dance competition, for … Continue reading

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Going off topic

I must confess to having committed what, in the eyes of some, are two major educational crimes today. I didn’t stick to my lesson plans. And I discussed politics. The kids in year 10 and above were absolutely desperate to … Continue reading

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Education not training

The latest thing that provoked a rant – a complaint that school leavers “lack workplace skills”. Well guess what, Mr/Ms Employer – we are here to educate, not to train. We are trying to broaden their minds, introduce them to … Continue reading

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